I am Charles from Ghana and I am a professional chauffeur at Safety drive, I have over 5 years of UAE experience as a professional Chauffeur. Providing excellent customer service has always been my moto because it shows my client how effective and efficient, I and my company are in this field of business. I am skilled in driving exotic cars and I enjoy meeting people from different cultures, it has also helped me to understand how best to relate with people respectfully and diligently.

I am a professional Chauffeur with experience of over than 4 years in UAE, and I am skilled in driving model luxury cars. Being a Chauffeur and driving luxury cars is a dream come true job, I love driving and it makes me happy more when I put a smile on the faces of my clients. I have learnt a lot as a Chauffeur while dealing with high profile individuals with more experience from different nationalities and an opportunity for knowing so many tourist places and important landmarks.

Doing what you love, gets the best of someone. I have been a chauffeur for the last 6 years, 4 years in Ghana and 2 years in UAE. I have fallen in love with this job and I would even do for no pay because I get to drive deferent cars, get to associate with high profile people and it has transformed me into a person of great character and attitude and above all great interpersonal skills.

Being a chauffeur for the last two years in UAE is a one in a million-lifetime job that not only gives me the experience in fulfilling my dream of having the experience of driving luxurious cars but I do this job out of my love for customer satisfaction. This job has put me in a comfort zone to give the best service to my clients. I give attention to detail. I listen more and the experience of being a professionally trained chauffeur has personally transformed me into a courteous diplomatic person and a service-oriented person.